Yoga with Caroline Lang

"We can all find a wholeness in our body that is deeply reassuring" ....Vanda Scaravelli

stonecarving Caroline has been practising and teaching yoga for much of her life, yoga that is not a method but a way of exploring. We explore how we inhabit our body and how we relate to the ground and the space around us and the relationship between different parts of the body. As we undo tension we can discover how to connect through the spine and the core of the body. Yoga is about finding more wholeness and experiencing the emotional and physical freedom that brings us. It is about learning to feel more by resting into the body and becoming forever more receptive so that we can find the yoga postures from within, rather than shapes that we impose upon our body. As we befriend the body, so harmony can be restored. Refining our awareness, we can come closer to ourselves and embrace all of our experience and through that we can feel our connection to the whole of life. caroline_04 This practice becomes a way of being, a form of meditation which allows us to grow, to discover what in life is important and to be more simple.

Caroline teaches Scaravelli-inspired yoga in Harberton, close to Totnes and other places in South Devon. She runs weekly classes, workshops & retreats, and individual sessions.

"As the sun opens flowers, delicately unfolding them little by little, so yoga opens the body during a slow and careful training"....Vanda Scaravelli.