Classes at The Yoga House


Mondays 10am - 12pm

Mondays 6pm - 8pm

Wednesdays 9.30am - 11.30am

Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm

"I am so happy that I have my yoga class in place on a Wednesday morning. It is one thing in my life that I have no doubts about, an invaluable time for me to return to my body, guided beautifully by Caroline's intuitive teaching. I find it very powerful and restful as my focus shifts and becomes more internal, attending lightly and deeply to small movements and connections through the body. Caroline uses wonderful images and descriptions which make good sense. The class encourages a movement towards easeful contact with the ground and the many parts of the body, the wings of the pelvis, the soft untouched base of the throat, the joint of the big toe, the round of the heel, and being amazed by how much space there is inside my body."
— Emma - artist, educator, writer

flowers The above are all at The Yoga House, Harberton. For all classes it is necessary to book and payment is generally by term. However, space permitting anyone is welcome to come as a visitor or try any of the classes before making a commitment.
Cost is £10 per class paying for a term and £12 for just one session.
(Concessions are also available and for those on a low income I am always so happy to try and find a way; some people pay for a term in instalments).

Not weekly

Fridays 10am - 12pm. A series of sessions throughout the year which can be booked individually or as a course. Dates on 'Days and Retreats' page.

"I love Caroline's yoga classes, profoundly nourishing, inviting me to go deeper inside, to resource myself from a kinder and more caring place."
— Jo, Homeopath


flowers I also love to work with people individually. This could be Monday, Wednesday or some Friday afternoons and cost is £45 for a generous hour. This may suit you well if you have health issues that require a very particular approach or for teachers to explore, or perhaps just an opportunity for something extra to flourish and more guidance from my hands.

"Touch can add a sort of instant awakening, by-passing mental activity and resistance."
— Sandra Sabatini