Teaching Background

caroline lang "My very first yoga teacher was a true eccentric. I met her on holiday and absolutely loved going to her classes in a Sport's Centre in Brixton, when I lived in London. She was at times quite fierce but there was always an invitation to relax, come back to the body and breathe, which I experienced as both a home-coming and a complete revelation.

I trained with the Sivananda Organisation in South India and then met Clive Sheridan and an approach to yoga that was dynamic and liberating and which did not tie me to any one tradition. Clive placed me on a path of enquiry and discovery.

About 25 years ago, when I lived in Bristol, I stumbled across the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli. I loved this intuitive and intelligent approach to yoga and over the years worked closely with Diane Long, Sophy Hoare and, more recently, Sandra Sabatini, all long-term students of Vanda. I have an enormous amount of appreciation for the completely unique way each one shares wholeheartedly all they have absorbed from Vanda. This paved the way for me to teach simply what I know and seems to make sense, and to be sensitive to the potential of each and every yoga student and hold a wide enough space that all that needs to be met is heard.

Although I never met Vanda, what feels wonderful to me is that she brought so much humility, love, relationship and individuality into her teaching and expressed a certain kind of timeless wisdom. She said so many memorable things that pop into my mind when I am practising or teaching; phrases such as 'yoga is not a practice the ego can use' and that it requires 'infinite time and no ambition'!

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caroline lang I find it very beautiful that a yoga class can be a space where so many strands of life can meet and that people can just come and be themselves. I bring to my teaching many years experience as a shiatsu and bodywork practicioner and my love of silence and meditation. I learn so much from my students whether we meet only once, every week or from time to time. Anyway, we are all teachers and students at the same time.

caroline lang I regularly take time out to retreat. Within the fullness of life and its commitments it seems vital to create enough pause and unbusyness. I spend time each year on Deep Rest Meditation retreats with friend and spiritual teacher, Jaya Ashmore. Jaya offers an amazing depth of support and meditating with her is an amazing resource.

I live in Devon, close to Totnes with my partner and teenage daughter. I love poetry, art, music, my family and friends, time alone in nature, the Himalayas, helping others. Across the lawn from our home is The Yoga House, a beautiful, clear space surrounded by fields where I teach weekly classes, courses, individual sessions.

It really is an honour and a pleasure to share what I love and to experience people's trust and witness all the ways they benefit and transform. Some of my students have been practising with me almost since I started teaching. There is an atmosphere of friendliness, intimacy and commitment in the classes. And I try to work hands on as much as possible with each student."

stone carving "When Caroline takes us on an adventure every monday it is all about becoming a cat, dog, snake or hearing the birds from outside singing in your heart. The whole experience while with teacher is so much more powerful because she helps you to really go inside that body of yours, to really feel without thinking and pushing, to really relax, to join in and be quiet and joyous at the same time."
— Kasia

"To me, Caroline is a very special yoga teacher. Practicing with her leaves me feeling enriched and more connected and at ease with all aspects of my life, perhaps with more of a sense of the real essence of yoga. She seems to teach in a way that is very whole, embracing yoga in its fullness. Her precise and clear words and kind hands suggest the depth of her own inner exploration. I experience her teaching as graceful, grounded in the present, fresh, creative and alive."
— Claire